Light for Modern Life

At Circadian Optics, we want people to live better and feel healthier. We believe in the science of circadian rhythm. We are supposed to spend most of our waking hours outside, in the bright sunshine – but modern life has changed that, and because of the lack of natural light, we often feel sluggish and unhealthy. Light therapy research has given us a solid understanding the impact of light on our health and wellness. We want people to feel better, and the answer can be as simple as natural bright light. 

designed thoughtfully

We believe that less is more. But not just less—less, but better. Born out of our always-on, notification driven lives which are spent in ever-smaller living spaces, we have a serious need to curate and cut through the noise. We imagine a world that doesn’t have to fight for your attention.  Our designs stand out by standing back.


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